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Who Lives Who Fades

The journey from an idea to a fashion brand

In the 20 years we have been in business, we have hand-held many entrepreneurs taking their first baby steps with their clothing ventures. Some become wildly successful, some coast along steadily, and some sadly, don’t last the season.

It is always a huge responsibility when our buyers entrust us with their designs; yup, the only thing that stands between a label’s success and utter doom is the quality of our manufacturing! Just kidding of course.

Seriously though- we know that our success lies in the continued growth and success of our buyers. So this blogpost series is an attempt to share our learnings, to give you a peek into what goes on before the lovely baby clothes get to you, and to help you along in your journey with us.

A new fashion label – who lives, who fades?

What determines which labels survive and grow? A whole lot of things that change from case to case for sure but there are some factors that tilt the balance in favor of success: the vision, the vow of commitment, and the voice.

It starts with a vision

First thing’s first: what is your vision for your brand? Figuring that out is a fundamental first step on your entrepreneurial journey. The designs, the fabrics, the trims, the manufacturing… those things will fall into place once you have a central vision pulling them together.

So, why do you want to start this venture? What is the “problem” you’re trying to solve for customers? Or what is the “potential” you have identified in your market that you could fulfil with your venture?

Success requires a vow to commit

Do you have the resources needed – time, money, or even additional helping hands – to commit to this venture? If this is a weekend hobby, it is unlikely to last; you need to work on your stock, study the latest trends, plan ahead for the next season, design your ideas, place your orders and monitor order fulfilment in a consistent manner. And that’s just the work that goes on behind the scenes! You may also have to manage your social media pages and ecommerce platforms, address customer queries and manage your company’s financials.

The point of this laundry-list of activities was not to dissuade you from your vision – on the contrary, it’s to help you know what you’re signing up for, so that you’re going in armed with the right resources and the right support.

Starting a new label need not be a full-time gig. In fact, many of our founder partners juggle their clothing business with another job, so that’s definitely an option in case you’re not ready to go “all-in” yet. What is necessary, is your ability to set aside time from your schedule in a disciplined manner, to commit to growing your label - even if you have competing priorities demanding the same time from you.

Showcase a unique voice that stands out in a crowd

If you want to build a lasting client base as a fashion label, find something new to showcase. Perhaps your brand has a twist to the usual look customers are accustomed to seeing? Or uses materials and silhouettes that are uncommon. Whatever it may be, find a way to make your label’s voice stand out, as unique and fresh. A good way to start on this would be to reflect on your vision – how do your designs stay true to your vision?

If you need a fresh look at your ideas , get a quote , explore private label manufacturing , do send me a mail at I would love to hear from you.


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