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What we do - The Highlights

We cater to a wide range of wholesale manufacturing needs for children's clothing.
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Woven Clothing for Kids

We manufacture woven fabric clothing for children of all ages, with no MOQs (minimum order quantities). We source fabrics that are long lasting, durable and that meet customer design requirements: perfect for labels that care about the quality of their garments. Our linings are usually 100% cotton and our elastic is super soft, for that extra touch of comfort.


Smocking & Embroidery

We create original designs that bring together the best of both, Western and Indian needlework traditions. Simply share your ideas with us and let us bring them to life! No need to give us any technical details. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality craftsmanship.


Custom Garment Design

Effortlessly create custom clothing collections. Just give us the basic details - the theme, aesthetic, target age groups, etc. As your creative partner, we'll brainstorm with you to design the entire range. And best of all - no MOQs! An easy, breezy way to make your brand stand out.


Custom Fabric Design

Have a truly unique fabric idea in mind? No problem! Just share your specifications and we'll handle the rest. You can choose the base fabric and customize it with your own prints, colors, plaids etc. Please note that minimum order quantities may apply depending on your requirements.


Sampling Services

So you have a great design idea, but want to test it first? We can help. Just send us your idea in any form - picture, rough sketch, or descriptive note - and we'll create a sample garment for you to evaluate. This is a convenient and cost-effective way to trial your idea before committing to a full production run. 


Manufacturing and QC

When it comes to manufacturing, we live by two principles: ethical practices and attention to detail. Our eight-step Quality Control (QC) protocol ensures that the product is checked at every stage of  manufacturing. To learn more, get in touch with us. 


Whatever you need, we've got you covered. 

Our Services: A Complete Guide

(Everything & the kitchen sink!)

Like what you see? Want to learn more? We're here to help. 

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