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All You Need To Know About Labelling

As a start-up, you want to make sure your buyers know and recall your unique identity. The labelling is the first stop on this journey. If there is one part of any garment that is looked at by most buyers, it is the labels.

When we make our private label clothing, we make sure that even a small sampling run can be made with brand name labels. They do need to be made in minimums, but we usually keep the cost as low as USD 40 per roll of labels – and this includes the cost of sampling for your labels.

All you need to do is send us your artwork and size for the label and we will do the rest.

There is a second and more functional part to labelling; care and sizing labels.

Here too, you can customize the wording to add a unique touch – want to talk about where your garments were designed? Want to talk about how you want the wearer to think about you when using the clothes – add a smiley? There is so much creativity possible while making sure of meeting statutory labelling requirements.

Here are the essentials in any good care label

  • Fabric composition – if it is a blend of 2 fabrics, start with the higher component and list all the fabrics used in the garment.

  • Manufacturing origin

  • Wash care – and here I would always recommend doing a trial wash with the instructions you put down on the label. Our recommendation is to go with hand-wash and line dry for all embroidered and smocked clothing.

  • In addition, there are often country-specific requirements and we will be happy to guide you with that.

If you plan to start a private label children’s clothing company or if you already have one- do get in touch with us for a free consult. You can contact us at


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