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Fave Embroidery Stitches : The Bullion

The versatility of the bullion stitch

One the stitches that we most like to use in our embroideries is the bullion stitch. It is a super adaptable stitch which you can use to make anything from full-blown traditional English roses to ultra-modern, abstract dot scatter. Essentially, it uses the technique of ‘wrapping’ thread on thread to give the embroidery dimensionality and lift.

Let’s see, we have used the bullion stitch to make roses (well, I guess that’s a bit obvious – bullion roses rule!), pumpkins , ice creams , bunnies, dots and once even a girl with a very full head of bullion stitch curls (can’t say that was one of our better efforts aesthetically speaking though- more Medusa than cute curls so not sharing a picture of that lol).

It is not a tough stitch but it does need practice to produce a neat finish. Our needlework artisans tell me that the trick to a great bullion stitch is to pull the thread gently and ensure the ‘wraps’ on the needle hold evenly. If you would like to try it out for yourself, here is a tutorial link:


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