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A Christmas collection for a US-based small business owner

We helped a customer with their first custom children's clothing collection, providing design, production, and overall guidance through the wholesale manufacturing process. Our attention to craftsmanship and collaboration enabled us to overcome the challenges of the pandemic and deliver the finished products on time. We have been working with this customer for three years, supporting their business growth.

"Thank you so much Strawberry Stripes for the beautiful work you do! We have been working with them for almost three years and are very happy with every design they have done for us. Very professional and excellent craftsmanship skills. Hand embroidery is the best I’ve ever seen. Highly recommend!"

When the customer first approached us, they were just starting their business and had an idea for a Christmas collection. As this was their first time creating something from scratch, they were looking for a manufacturer who could play multiple roles: A design partner who would translate their ideas into workable templates; a manufacturer, who could produce their designs at scale, without compromising on quality; and an advisor to guide them through the intricacies of the custom wholesale manufacturing process. Lucky for us, we ticked all the boxes! 

The customer wanted to make craftsmanship the defining feature of their brand, with intricate handwork - embroidery and smocking - being the highlight of the collection. It was important for us to get this right, so we collaborated closely with the customer on the design and developed and shipped a sample dress for their approval.

Once the sample was approved, our production and embroidery units sprang into action. However, these orders were placed during the height of the pandemic, when factories were understaffed and global supply chains were uncertain. We had to adapt and redefine our ways of working and our timelines to ensure that our customer was minimally impacted by these challenges. We reworked staffing schedules and expanded our team of embroidery artisans to ensure that production was not disrupted. We also worked closely with our logistics provider to develop revised shipping schedules. Through it all, we maintained open lines of communication with the customer, making sure they were fully informed and able to modify their plans for the business as needed.

Despite the challenges, we were able to get the products shipped to the customer on time, thanks to our mutual commitment to working together and finding solutions. 

We have now been working with them for nearly three years, shipping over 500 units during this time. Their business has been on a steady growth trajectory and recently expanded their product portfolio to include ages 10-16.  It has been a pleasure to support them as they grow their business, and we look forward to continuing our partnership and building on the trust that has been established.

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